Teens today have a lot of stressors and challenges as they navigate our fast-paced world. Unfortunately, very few have an understanding adult who can come alongside, guide them through their difficulties, and help them plan their life direction.

In coaching, we have a variety of resources to help young adults understand who they are and their unique gifts and talents. We work with them so they can envision their future, listen to God, and align their goals and dreams along with God's plan for them.

We then work together to create and execute a strategy to reach those goals. In doing this, kids conquer stress and build self-confidence, self-reliance, and awareness of their own strengths and values.

In addition, we are continually developing programs- including group programs, to help them achieve success in emotional regulation, communication, relationships, dating, and healthy social media usage.

A sample communication program is listed here:

8 Week Communication Program

Lesson 1- Communication Essentials

Lesson 2- Listening Well

Lesson 3- Blocks to Listening

Lesson 4- Expressing Yourself Part 1

Lesson 5- Expressing Yourself Part 2

Lesson 6- Blocks to Expressing Yourself

Lesson 7- Assertive Communication

Lesson 8- Self-Disclosure and Making New Connections

How does teen coaching work?

In weekly or bi-weekly hour-long individual sessions, we help kids evaluate the elements of their life. Where are they content? Where could things be better?

We flesh out their ideal future to build hope - what would it look and feel like - and then set small, self-directed goals to inch closer to that reality.

Along the way, we explore the elements that make the teen who they are - their strengths, values, and personality type - and turn their struggles and weaknesses into tools for building their ideal life.

What results can I expect?

Parents report shifts in their teenager's communication, motivation, and happiness. Teens say they feel capable, empowered, and have new tools to successfully navigate life.

Does my teen need a youth life coach or a therapist?

Therapy is the right fit for addressing mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, self-harm, extreme emotional dysregulation, addictions, etc.  Teen coaching works for taking action to improve an okay-but-not-ideal life.

Through coaching, our clients report experiencing enhanced:

- confidence

- self-regulation

- optimism

- self-awareness

- social and emotional skills

- goal orientation

- motivation and performance

- relationships with family and peers

If your teen is interested in coaching, contact us today!