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At Empowered Calling we offer a variety of services to encourage, equip, support, and help you move forward to achieve your goals and live out the life God has planned for you.

When you work with us, you work with a top-notch professional who has ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification.

Your coach has:

  • Training - your coach has many years of experience and specialized training in the complexities and issues that missionaries and adoptive and foster families face today.
  • Coach skills - your coach has mastered and continually hones the skills and tools necessary to meet you where you are so that you experience a results-oriented coaching process.
  • Impeccable ethics - your coach abides by the ICF Code of Ethics and has pledged 100% commitment to that code.
  • Solid Faith - your coach is a Christian who has a Biblical worldview and a vibrant relationship with the Lord.


Foster and Adoptive Families

Our services are to designed to help foster and adoptive families navigate the unique challenges that arise because of the way their family was formed.

We provide parent coaching for those who are parenting children who have experienced significant trauma and birth parent coaching for those who are navigating a relationship with the birth parents of their child. You can find out more about coaching for adoptive families here.


Missionaries and Cross-Cultural Workers

Today's missionaries are busy, stressed, and face many transitions in life. From the challenges and demands of a career, raising and launching children, ministering in or adjusting to a new culture, life can be hard. It takes confident, self-aware, and well-equipped workers to thrive and fully live out God's calling. Working with a life coach can take you to your edge where you find answers, gain satisfaction, and learn tools that help you succeed in life. You can find more detailed information about life coaching here.


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Have questions or want to learn more about our personalized coaching services? Email us at [email protected] or feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation here.

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