Marriage Coaching

Marriage is a gift from God designed to give husbands and wives companionship, connection, intimacy, support, and much more. Many couples start their life together deeply in love, committed and excited about fulfilling their hopes and dreams together.

Over time, the stresses and challenges of life cause a rift in the relationship.  The couple begins to drift apart and talk harshly to each other.  The qualities that really attracted them to each other now begin to irritate and annoy. Instead of being kind, patient and offering grace they shut down, argue and are critical or defensive.

Working with us in marriage coaching will help you get back the love and joy you once had.  Together we set goals to replace unhealthy patterns with new more productive ways of interacting.

The encouragement, accountability, and goal setting that coaching provides along with our professional training in the areas of attachment and neuroscience will help you get to where you want to be in as short a time as possible.


feeling close to your spouse again

having a marriage full of mutual honor, love and respect

 working together instead of working against each other

Why settle for second best when you can have the marriage you always dreamed about!

Coaching is appropriate for those who are not struggling with addictions, infidelity, domestic violence or serious mental health issues.  If one spouse is struggling with anxiety or depression they may work with a coaching if they have a therapist.

A free personality profile for each spouse that includes communication and problem solving styles is included in our fees.

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