Adoptive and Foster Parent Coaching

Our services are to designed to help foster and adoptive families navigate the unique challenges that arise because of the way their family was formed.

We provide coaching for:

  • those who are parenting children who have experienced significant trauma
  • those who are navigating challenging relationships with the birth parents of their child
  • challenging situation such as those who are placing children in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, or are dissolving their adoption.

Parenting Traumatized Children and Teens

Have you read all the parenting books but just can't seem to implement the connected parenting approach? Do you frequently get frustrated with your child's behavior and respond out of anger and frustration? If so, we want you to know that

There is HOPE for your family!

Empowered Calling wants to empower you and your family to overcome and thrive even when faced with difficult life circumstances and challenging behavior. We specialize in coaching for adoptive and foster families. Parenting children who have been through trauma is hard, but with God's help and the guidance of a coach, you can move forward and get to a better place!

We come alongside you to provide new tools, help you implement the information you already know, encourage you, and provide accountability, and goal setting so you can get unstuck from the areas that are slowing you down. We utilize a variety of techniques and approaches to help you achieve success.

We excel at taking clinical information and translating it into practical parenting tools and strategies. During our time together, you will learn to apply these unique parenting strategies in your family, not only through our discussions but through actual practice. We will watch your frustration level decrease and a deeper connection develop with your child.

Navigating Birth Parent Relationships

Just like any family relationship, managing one that is shared with your child's birth parents can sometimes be delicate and complicated. The adopted child is the link between the adoptive and the birth family. Issues often arise as these two unrelated families come together to support the growth and development of a child they both care deeply about.

There is not a guidebook to direct families in this type of relationship. Feelings can be triggered by anniversaries or difficult life situations. Behaviors may be offensive or confusing and communication between the two parties can become challenging. The objective guidance of a coach, along with encouragement, goals setting, and specialized tools can help families move forward, offer love with limits, and achieve the type of relationship that will support their child.

Challenging Situations

Sometimes parents come to the end of their rope. Their child has been in outpatient therapy and the parents are doing their absolute best to love, care for, and discipline their child. The home environment is not working and inpatient or residential treatment is the next step.

Many parents feel guilty, scared, and fearful when this situation arises. They need a coach who understands and supports them through this process. Helping parents learn to care for themselves and their marriage are often top priorities in coaching. In addition, when their child is out of their home and the parents are less stressed, parents can continue working on therapeutic parenting and love with strong boundaries.

Sometimes dissolution or removing the child from the home is the best option for everyone. These situations are extremely stressful and heart-wrenching. Parents need the loving guidance of a coach who will not judge them and help them make their next steps through these challenging times.


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